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Opensource ICT Solutions

Opensource ICT Solutions proudly provides Zabbix training and consultancy. Based in The Netherlands and the United States, we’ve been working worldwide. Fully certified by the developers of Zabbix, we’re authorized to provide official Zabbix trainings. These are provided directly by Opensource ICT Solutions – although we do work for Zabbix as well!

For the last 5 years, multiple Fortune 500 companies worldwide have used our knowledge and experience to get their system administrators certified, their existing Zabbix server(s) optimized for performance and high-availability and setup.

Feel free to contact us, we’re available on (usually) a short notice and will work something out that works for you!

Since we’re an official Zabbix partner, we’re allowed to resell support contracts as well.

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How does it work?

Since we’re an official Zabbix partner, we are allowed to resell Zabbix support contracts.

This means you will purchase the support contract by us( Opensource ICT Solutions), while Zabbix SIA will provide you the support. It’s the same setup as used by Microsoft, Juniper, Cisco and all other big vendors where partners are allowed to resell support.

This also means you will get the same high quality support as if you bought it from Zabbix SIA directly, however, since we’re partner, we can provide you some discount on the contracts!

If you want support by your local partner, we’re also allowed to provide the 1st line of support, again, just like some other vendors are allowing partners to provide support. Zabbix allows only the best partners to provide the support, so here we are!

Why are the prices not listed on the website?2020-04-27T08:05:20+00:00

We try to give you the best advise before you make a decision based on the price. Also, if we are able to provide you a sales quote, we can provide you the best price with a nice discount.

Which contract type do you recommend?2020-04-27T08:03:33+00:00

Contact us!

We will provide you the best advise regarding the contract that fills your company, needs and environment.

Why choose for 1st line support from Opensource ICT Solutions?2020-04-27T08:02:32+00:00

We are a Certified Zabbix partner and trainer. Our consultants are configuring, building and maintaining Zabbix environments on a daily base for customers all over the world.

Our knowledge will come handy solving your problems.

We will provide support in Dutch and English, by phone, over the internet(ticketing system) or even on-site.

Who will provide the support?2020-04-27T08:00:00+00:00

There are 2 options:

  • Opensource ICT Solutions Zabbix experts will provide the 1st line support, and if we are unable to solve your issue (for example due to a bug) the contract is backed up by Zabbix SIA and the developers will handle 2nd line support
  • Zabbix SIA will provide you directly the support
How does it work?2020-04-27T07:57:50+00:00

Purchase a support contract and you will be able to create incidents regarding your Zabbix environment.
Bugs? Unexpected behaviour on parts of your configuration? Things not working as expected? Trouble setting up some features?
Just create a incident and your supportcontract will pay off!

Available contract types